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Integrated Hearing Solutions was selected as the
Best Hearing Aid Provider in Bloomington for 2020.

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Hearing loss is one of the most common long-term health problems facing adults today.  According to a report by the Center for Hearing & Communication (2010), approximately 38 million Americans have a significant hearing loss.  And the problem only gets worse the older one gets.  Hearing loss is a serious condition that significantly impacts both your personal and professional life.

Has the quality of your life changed lately?

For anyone experiencing difficulties with hearing, as sound slips away so does the quality of their life. When conversations become more difficult to follow and the world begins to go silent, the hearing impaired suffer far more than just missing out on the latest joke.  In fact, those who have difficulty hearing miss out on more than just conversation. There are actual measurable social and physical consequences to untreated hearing loss.

  • For social consequences, studies have shown that people with hearing loss experience greater sadness, fear, anxiety, reduction of social activities emotional stability, concentration problems, depression, and are more likely to develop dementia.
  • For physical consequences, if hearing loss is not corrected, it can result in measurable physical issues such as tiredness or fatigue, headaches, vertigo, and stress.  The Center for Disease Control has found higher blood pressure in people that have untreated hearing loss as well as the fact that they experience greater difficulty with basic functional activities such as walking, getting outside, getting in and out of bed, are more likely to fall, etc.

Friends and loved ones can also suffer, watching a previously vibrant person withdraw from things they used to do and loved doing.  Missing or misunderstanding speech can lead to many problems in the area of social interaction: people may perceive you as rude, unresponsive, or unsociable.


Don't let hearing loss keep you from enjoying activities with your family.


But what can be done?  Who can you turn to for advice, to answer questions honestly and provide workable solutions and support?
At INTEGRATED HEARING SOLUTIONS, we are professionals who care about YOU! Hearing is both our passion and our life and we pride ourselves on answering the tough questions, providing support and being there every step of the way. Although we carry four high quality hearing aid product lines from which to choose we are not sales people.  We are educators who care about you first. We will work
with you to find the hearing solution that works best for you, even if we have to refer you elsewhere. We will provide an in-depth hearing evaluation for you at NO CHARGE. Your hearing is your life and we can help you put QUALITY back into it.  Our goal is to guide you to the proper hearing solution which will allow you to enjoy life to it's fullest.


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