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Ready For The Good News? 

Today's hearing aids can dramatically improve your hearing and your overall quality of life!  With INTEGRATED HEARING SOLUTIONS, our aim is to provide you with the best possible management of your hearing issues by offering only the finest quality aids to hearing available anywhere.    

Hearing Evaluation

Our practice is now recommending that each of our patients age 55 and older schedule a baseline hearing evaluation.  It is important to understand where your hearing is today and determine if now is the time to take advantage of 21st century hearing aid technology and begin to hear what you have been missing.


We recommend that when you schedule your baseline hearing evaluation, you bring a family member, loved one, significant other, or friend who is familiar with your ability or inability to hear everything going on in your life today.  More often than not, it is someone else that notices that you may be missing key words in a question, asking to have the television volume turned up, or to repeat a question.  Untreated hearing loss is more noticeable than you might think.  When you can't hear and consistently misunderstand conversations, the changes in your behavior may be far more noticeable than wearing hearing aids.  Many people with hearing loss discontinue social activities resulting in isolation and depression.  Don't let this happen to you when there are simple steps you can take to avoid it.

The complete evaluation will only take between 60-90 minutes. Call the office nearest you TODAY to make an appointment.

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